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Coding games
  Forrest Gump, May 07 2016

I was looking for some funny ways to learn to code and I find:

Dont teach you any language, but its very interesting to train my mind

Seems fun. They use Java and Python. But the trial levels are very short. Should I pay for it?

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  Forrest Gump, Mar 25 2016

Hi, Im back. Little story first: This week a friend graduated in computer science with a thesis about mimicry in conversations. That is, with a conversation game, samples between pairs of persons, they tried to build a metric to correlate certain stats (volume, frequency, speed, change in tone, etc) to certain behaviors (cooperation, boredom, etc).
Now, what I thought after: What is the importance of mimicry in online poker? What does it mean if my opponent (or me) mimics game speed? In HU games seems to be common. Sometimes, someone plays too fast and the other plays slower to think and not give easy tells or as a way to antimimicry to slow the speed pace. Or viceversa, becouse someone plays slow, the other guy has time to play fast when its his turn to act. Other times I find myself slowing the speed when someone plays slow and I dont even need to play slow against him. What does it mean? That Im not strong enough to enforce the game speed? That I want to feel the other more comfortable by playing at his speed? Can the other player exploit me if he knows I tend to mimic speed?
What do you guys think? Is there anything written out there about this topic?

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Strange symptoms
  Forrest Gump, Sep 14 2015

So, I stopped blogging lately becouse some strange symptoms that disrupted my overall performance for the last 3 months or so. I'm listing the worst of them first from 1 month ago. They all started progressively since March:
1. Bad quality sleep (6hs max with a few awakenings). Cant nap during my active times
2. Overall painless muscle weakness. Usually lower back and legs
3. phantom burning/cold burning/nerve pinching sensations in most active muscles (abs, leg adductors, lower back)
4. High pulse rate perceived when facing any activity like eating, watching an action video, walking more than 1 Km, etc

After lot of medical test and advice. I've been basically told by a psychiatrist that I had pannic attacks (strange since I never lost my mind) and should start psychotherapy (no medication needed). I accepted to start therapy (at least I think its good long term), to change my habits to always trying to sleep at night at the same time and avoid coffee after lunch. On this process I discarded the following
a. Muscle/tendon/cartilage damage
b. heart arrhytmia
c. Mg deficiency

But still have some pending checks with
d. Endocrinologist: Becouse I have high T4 hormone
e. Neurologist: I fear some type of neuropaty or nerve damage in a critical zone

Today Im feeling better. Im eating more, sleeping better (not as good as I want). Started to play poker, read books and exercise again. Just need to get rid off this strange burning sensations in my muscles.
No poker updates. Just went break even from my last post or maybe I won just a little like 1K.
Inspired from last Floofy's post.

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